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Welcome to LEO Moves

Have a look around my page. See what I provide, see if my schedule fits yours. Follow me on Instagram to see what I do day-to-day and its a pleasure to leave you inspired to MOVE.

Classes & Services

I offer a wide range of classes to suit your pace and needs. If you wish to sign up for any of them, click the button below and you will be sent to a page where the classes take place.



A functional training inspired by Breakdance. New exercises bring you away from the basic exercises, and train your body and mind at the same time. Have fun exploring new ways of training and become stronger and more mobile.



Being able to do a handstand is something fascinating. In my class we learn the technique, build up strength and find the alignment for a perfect handstand. While having fun, you're getting closer and closer to holding a handstand and finding the balance.



Our bodies are made to move! In this class we work on strength, mobility and body awarness. From handstand elements, to animal movements to a creative workout we train our bodies to be strong and functional.



Let this Indoor Cycling workout inspire you, and the rhythm of the music transform you: body and soul. It will be a fun, fast-paced, choreographed, full body, 45-minute workout packed with high-energy playlists. You’ll test your limits, and push your boundaries.


Personal Training

That is your customised training, depending on your goal and fitness level. I will help you to become better with every training. We will check your progress carefully and give you an environment where you feel comfortable.



This service is available for people who wish to receive a workshop for any of the above services, be it Breakletics, Handstand or LeoMoves class. For more info contact me directly.


Test Your Limits. Push Your Boundaries



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Movement Changes the View. A seminar week in the wonderfully warm Andalusia playfully introduces you to the variety of your movement capabilities. Movement corresponds to the flow of nature. Sometimes wild, strong, gentle, slow, sometimes barely noticable. Animals and toddlers move in way natural to them. Which movement suirs your nature? Experience animal movements and their effect! Recognize your movement and expand your consciousness! The seminar will last 7 days and costs 800 CHF plus flight and accomodation. Click here for more information or contact us to sign up.

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A 90 minute LeoMoves Workshop. Location: Giessenstrasse 46, 6460 Altdorf

About Me

Ever since I can remember I had a passion for movement! After playing football for 15 years, I discovered Breakdancing and acrobatic training. Since then I realised the capacity and the potential my body had when in motion. I graduated from SAFS in 2016, while also becoming Switzerland’s only powerhead representing Breakletics. In the same year I started giving weekly trainings such as Handstand, Breakletics and my signature class LeoMoves. A variety of moves is what is essential for me to sustain a body that is healthy, mobile and strong! And thats what I pass forward to my students and clients.